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Paul Reimann - Managing Director

Paul Reimann founded the company MotoPartsBerlin during his student days. In 2018 he finished his studies with an LL.B and Dipl. Jur. At the beginning of 2019 he founded GlobalMotoParts with Niklas Priddat. Paul Reimann takes on key strategic management tasks at GMP, supervises the bookkeeping and oversees the workshop and motorcycle purchases.

Niklas Priddat - managing director

Niklas Priddat is co-founder of GMP. He studied business administration and has in-depth knowledge and professional experience in the IT sector. Productivity and sales could be increased through specially designed software solutions. In particular, the international sales could be multiplied by the optimized shipping. Niklas Priddat takes on key management, IT infrastructure and staff management tasks at GMP.

Robert Danzmann

Robert Danzmann is assistant to the management and is responsible for purchasing used and accident-damaged motorcycles. He manages customer support and uploads the spare parts to our online shop and eBay.

Leon Lang

Leon is part of GlobalMotoParts and works in the GMP office. He is the contact person for customers, puts spare parts online and supports the team with technical support.

Nancy Klare

Nancy Klare Works in the office at GMP and takes on important tasks in accounting and processes customer inquiries.

Thomas Koch

Thomas Koch is in charge of shipping, processing returns and is responsible for receiving and dropping off goods. He picks and packs our spare parts every day so that they can get to our customers quickly and safely.

Ronny bow

Ronny Bogen tests purchased vehicles and, as a trained industrial and two-wheel mechanic, recognizes damage to the used vehicle. He then neatly dismantles the motorcycles into their individual parts, checks them for functionality and repairs them.

Ben Krahl

Ben is a two-wheeler mechanic and screwdriver at GMP. He puts purchased vehicles through their paces and then neatly disassembles the motorcycles into their individual parts.

Rico Bartz

Rico Bartz takes on tasks in the workshop and, as a trained car mechanic and two-wheeler professional, is our specialist for engine technology. He also disassembles motorcycles into their component parts. The spare parts obtained are checked and revised by him.

Maik crouches

Maik Kauert has been an integral part of our team since October 2020 and processes our spare parts, photographs them in our professional product photo box and stores them.

Ronnie Eichler

Ronny Eichler photographs our spare parts in a professional product photo box and stores them.

Melanie Gerbsch

Melanie works as a product photographer and shipping clerk at GMP. She has been actively supporting the team since mid-July 2022 with her experience.

What we do and what we stand for

We do that!

GlobalMotoParts GmbH in Trebbin buys defective motorcycles and those with accident damage, breaks them down into 120 to 150 individual parts and assemblies and sells them worldwide via the Internet. The business idea was to develop a merchandise management system tailored to this sales process. The completely digitized sales is the decisive difference to most competitors.

That's what we stand for!

According to the current EU regulation, vehicle manufacturers are obliged to provide spare parts for at least seven years after the end of a series. They often deliver beyond that, but after 15 or 20 years it's finally over. Paul Reimann: “Of course, manufacturers would rather sell new motorcycles than spare parts. And from a biker's point of view, at some point the price of spare parts is no longer in relation to the residual value of the machine." Accident vehicles and economic total losses, these are exactly the vehicles that GlobalMotoParts cannibalizes. A donor bike can save the lives of several others. For example, he still drives the BMW that Paul Reimann repaired as a student. This is also a benefit for the environment in terms of sustainability.

foundation history

How it all began - out of the garage

Paul Reimann is a passionate motorcyclist and mechanic. During his student days in Berlin, he bought a BMW F 650, built in 1993. He wanted to replace the defective brake system, but couldn't find a replacement part. So he bought an identical machine that had been damaged in an accident, already having the idea of ​​selling the surplus parts over the Internet. At the time, he had no idea that an international business would develop from these beginnings.

The next step - basement rooms in Berlin-Steglitz

Paul Reimann is a lawyer by profession. At a New Year's Eve party he met Niklas Priddat, who was the same age and had studied business administration and economics and already had experience in the IT sector. GlobalMotoParts GbR started in rented basement rooms in Berlin-Steglitz and a nearby garage, which the founders equipped with new technology. They now had a total area of ​​180 square meters and a van as a parts shuttle. The first employees were working students.

As a GmbH in Trebbin

It was foreseeable that Berlin's commercial premises would not be able to withstand the growth. In search of a replacement, the founders found an empty industrial building in Trebbin that also had washing facilities and compressed air for the impact wrenches. A total of 2800 square meters for workshop and storage are available there. GMP dismantles around 20 motorcycles a month with its own employees, but that's only part of the business. In the meantime, the company has taken over larger spare parts stores from a competitor for the second time. At GMP, each part goes through three work steps until it is ready for sale: it is dismantled, it is photographed and given a barcode and, in the last step, it is placed on the sales platform. The coding is based on a system developed by GlobalMotoParts itself. The customer gets exactly the right spare part for his machine via part designation, type designation, type series, facelifts and year of manufacture.


Car parts cleaner / revaluator / cleaner (m / f / n) motorcycle spare parts

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