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Paul Reimann - Managing Director

Paul Reimann founded the company MotoPartsBerlin during his student days. In 2018 he finished his studies with an LL.B and Dipl. Jur. At the beginning of 2019 he founded GlobalMotoParts with Niklas Priddat. Paul Reimann takes on key strategic management tasks at GMP, runs the workshop and is responsible for purchasing new vehicles.

Niklas Priddat - managing director

Niklas Priddat is co-founder of GMP. He studied business administration and has in-depth knowledge and professional experience in the IT sector. The international sales could be multiplied by the optimized shipping. Niklas Priddat takes on key management, IT infrastructure and employee management tasks at GMP.

Luca Weiler

Luca Weiler has been part of our team since mid-2019. He heads customer support and processes returns. He is also responsible for the technical provision and uploads the spare parts to our online shop and eBay.

Karsten Gehle

Karsten picks and packs our spare parts every day and is committed to ensuring that the ordered spare parts are dispatched smoothly so that they get to our customers quickly. He also upgrades spare parts coming from the workshop, photographs them and then stores them.

Maik crouches

Maik Kauert has been an integral part of our team since October 2020 and processes our spare parts, photographs them in our professional product photo box and stores them.

Adam Nadobny

Adam is a two-wheel mechanic and screwdriver at GMP. He puts purchased vehicles through their paces and then neatly dismantles the motorcycles into their individual parts. The spare parts obtained are checked and repaired by him.

Ronny bow

Ronny tests purchased vehicles and, as a trained industrial and two-wheel mechanic, recognizes damage to the vehicle used at GMP. He then neatly dismantles the motorcycles into their individual parts, checks them for functionality and repairs them.

Robert Danzmann

Robert is an assistant to the management and is responsible for purchasing used and accident-damaged motorcycles. He also puts new spare parts online and supports them with shipping depending on the season.

Thomas Koch

Thomas picks and packs our spare parts every day so that they can get to our customers quickly and safely. Thomas also works in the workshop and dismantles motorcycles and engines into their components.


How it all began - out of the garage

Paul Reimann began to rebuild his BMW F650ST while he was still studying and had to realize how difficult it was to get good, tested spare parts for his motorcycle quickly. So he bought a BMW F650ST that still needed repairs and was damaged in an accident. From the parts of both motorcycles, Paul was able to repair his BMW F650ST, which he still drives today, and make it chic. He began to clean the remaining parts in hours of manual labor, photograph them on the garage floor and finally offer them for sale online. The spare parts were in great demand and their own small online shop was quickly launched.

The next step - basement rooms at Bruchwitzstrasse in Berlin-Steglitz

GMP - GlobalMotoParts was founded on May 01.05.2019st, XNUMX and started in the basement of Bruchwitzstrasse in Berlin-Steglitz.

Since October 2020

Today, all vehicles first go through the in-house car wash with oil separator and then undergo a strict inspection, during which all damage and wear are logged. The vehicles are dismantled and further defects are documented by the workshop department. Parts are checked, partially measured and professionally cleaned. The spare parts are then photographed in our photo boxes using a specially designed software solution and professional photo flash system as well as high-resolution reflex cameras. Everything has grown a bit and the number of spare parts has multiplied. Currently, 16-20 motorcycles go through this process every month. Their spare parts are offered on the Internet in 54 languages ​​and are sold worldwide. With the new location at the gates of Berlin, GMP has new premises available, which enabled us to increase our storage and work space for even more spare parts for your motorcycles from approx. 200 square meters to 1900 square meters.


Car parts cleaner / revaluator / cleaner (m / f / n) motorcycle spare parts

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Bicycle mechanic (m / f / d) Mechatronics technician (m / f / d)

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