Photo warehouse motorcycle spare parts

Part of our warehouse of over 1800 square meters.


At GlobalMotoParts, we specialize in buying up large stocks of motorcycle parts. It is often difficult to find a suitable buyer for larger stocks when the business is closed or when the warehouse is downsizing, as it requires storage space, employees, motorcycle knowledge and tailor-made technical software to be able to resell the parts. With our team of 10 employees, 1900 square meters of storage space and our own vans, we offer professional warehouse purchases.


What do we buy:

  • Minimum number of 1.000 spare parts (rims, carburettors, engines, instruments, seats, CDIs, etc.)
  • Preferably in Berlin and Brandenburg
  • We prefer to buy parts stores for BMW spare parts


We offer:

  • Prompt feedback as to whether and at what price we are buying the stock
  • Professional and fast processing
  • 100% reliable commitments


What we need:

  • How many parts should be sold?
  • Condition of the parts (checked?, Storage time?, Damage?)
  • Manufacturer, models, type and possibly years of construction
  • Where are the parts?
  • Include as many photos as possible
  • Is there a storage system or possibly a database (online shop, Excel, list) for the parts?


We are happy to hear from them. You can also send an email to